10" Taper Beeswax Candles | Set Of 4

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Pack of 4, 10" Pure Beeswax Taper / Dinner Table Candles

Slow burning, handmade, 10" pure beeswax taper candles. Its tall, yet simple design provides perfect décor for mantelpieces and dining tables.

The earthy golden tone of this beeswax taper candle and a bright golden flame creates a romantic and cosy ambiance, for intimate or dining. 

All stand alone candles within the Aesthetic Collection are designed to have minimal to zero wax dripping, giving a clean and relaxing burn. 


Candle Details:

- Burn Time: 8+hours (each)

- Subtle natural honey-like scent

- Size: H: 255mm Ø: 22mm / H: 10.4" Ø: 0.87" | 50g approx. (each)

- Pure cotton wicks


Candle Care & Advice

Only burn candle for 2-3 hours each lighting, to avoid dripping and ensure an even burn. Always burn candles safely - see full candle safety advice here. Always trim the wick(s) to 1cm every 4 hours of candle burn time, to avoid smoking. Always re-centre the wick(s) after each burn.

Benefits Of Beeswax

Beeswax has many benefits. It gives a pure clean burn and the candle flames light spectrum is similar to the Sun's rays! It also is the only candle wax with the ability to purify the air of dust and other pollutants by releasing negative ions! Negative ions have also been proven to improve mood!

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