Lovers Red Pillar Candle Set

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Set of 2 Red Aesthetic Pillar Candles

Add some romance to your space with our Lovers Red Pillar Candle Set, combines a little drama and a lot of cosy with a slow burning bright golden flame with a red hue. Adding beauty and sensuality to your space.

Pure beeswax has a subtle aromatic scent and when burned as a candle it releases a light and soft, cosy, honey like scent. Non-drip and a bright golden flame.


- Burn Time: Tall candle 20+ hours, Smaller candle 15+ hours

- Scent Throw: Subtle, Small Room

- Size: H: 100mm Ø:48mm & H: 75mm Ø:48mm

- Pure cotton wicks

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Candle Care & Advice

Only burn candle for 2-3 hours each lighting, to avoid dripping and ensure an optimal burn. Always burn candles safely - see full candle safety advice here. Always trim the wick(s) to 1cm every 4 hours of candle burn time, to avoid smoking. Always re-centre the wick(s) after each burn.

Benefits Of Beeswax

Beeswax has many benefits. It gives a pure clean burn and the candle flames light spectrum is similar to the Sun's rays! It also is the only candle wax with the ability to purify the air of dust and other pollutants by releasing negative ions! Negative ions have also been proven to improve mood! The Egyptians believed beeswax to be magical and it's widely used in Religious and Spiritual ceremony!

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