Lesbian Pride Celebration Tin Travel Candle

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Celebrating Lesbian Pride

In celebration of all the Lesbian Queens, Femmes and Studs out there, we've created a special candle with the gorgeous Lesbian Flag design, to raise lesbian awareness and generally just shout about how great lesbians are!!! 

And what better candle than one made by female bees, as part of a matriarchal hive and within a female led business?! I don't think there is one.... :)

Our 100% beeswax candles are hand blended and made in two scents:


 100% Pure Essential Oil

A classic, well known for it soothing effects. And when blended with natural beeswax, creates a truly wholesome aromatherapy experience



Classic Vanilla

A beautiful classic calming fragrance identical to that of fresh vanilla pods enhanced by the the soft sunny aroma of beeswax

A tree is planted with each box purchased, in association with 'One Tree Planted an Environmental Charity That Plant Trees Around the World!

Burn Time: 25hrs+

Tin Sizes : 100ml/3.2oz | H:50mm,  Ø:65mm 

Natural Beeswax | Cotton Wick(s) | Handmade | Locally Filtered | Ethical & Eco-friendly

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Candle Care & Advice

Always burn candles for 2-4 hours each lighting, to avoid tunnelling and ensure an even burn. Always burn candles safely - see full candle safety advice here. Always trim the wick(s) to 0.5cm every 4 hours of candle burn time, to avoid smoking. Always re-centre the wick(s) after each burn.

Beeswax has many natural benefits. Whilst giving a clean pure burn and a flame with the light spectrum of the Sun it also is the only candle wax with the ability to purify the air of dust, viruses and other pollutants by releasing negative ions! Great for allergies. Negative ions can also improve mood!

Always burn candles for 2-4 hours each lighting, to avoid tunnelling and to ensure an even burn.

This is a handmade product, therefore please allow 1-2 days for production in addition to delivery times, thank you

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