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Aesthetic Collection

Aesthetic Collection

Luxury Beeswax candles Make The Perfect gift

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Refills benefits your candle budget and the environment!

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Eco-friendly & Sustainable Luxury

Beeswax is also the most sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly wax, compared to other candle waxes. It's actually an upcycled product of the wax caps left in the hive, when the bees cyclically leave the nest, to build a new one.

As an organically occurring product, and only requires filtering using water and heat, it has the lowest carbon footprint of all candle waxes.

Refills & Subscriptions

All glass vessel candles are refillable - kind for Mother Nature and your candle budget as well, with up to 50% savings for refills!


All postal packaging is plastic fee and biodegradable.. And a tree is planted with each tin product!

Supporting Women

Each month, 10% profits are donated to a charity that helps women and children. So each time you make a purchase hopefully you can feel a little warmed that you're helping someone somewhere out there <3