Self-Care Matrix

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Oya Luxe Self Care-GuideWe've created a handy self-care matrix from the 3 cornerstones of self-care - Mind, Body and Spirit! Each of these elements are interdependent on each other and when in balance, we achieve well-being and the added potential for enlightenment and a rich ground for inner-growth.

♡ What would you add to the outer circles for the care of your Mind, Body and Soul?
♡ What is important for your self-care?
♡ Where in this are you needing to give more attention?
♡ Where do you need to bring in balance?

Why not have a doodle and use this Self-care Guide as a template to create your own personalised version, to help you stay on top of your self-care and well-being 😘💜

P.s. This matrix is one the goodies sent out with each order 💜🥰


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