'Self-Love' Rose Quartz Crystal Ritual Salt Bath Teas

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'Self-Love' Rose Quartz Crystal Ritual Salt Bath Teas

Each set comes with 2 bath tea capsules, that you simply pour into the purple tea bag supplied, and hang over the bath tap as your bath fills. The contents dissolve into your bath without the messy clean up after your bath.

Cleanse Your Aura!

The Ingredients are simple yet powerful, relaxing and rejuvenating:

♡ Organic Lavender
- muscle relaxing, calming, antibacterial and antifungal.

♡ Dead Sea Salt -
boosts skin health, rich in essential minerals that absorbs into the body through the skin! Only bath salt safe for diabetics.

♡ Rose Quartz Crystals - a pink crystal that carries the vibration of unconditional love & compassion. 

♡ Organic Essential Oils - a subtle blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass & Rosemary

Our Crystal Bath Tea Bags are designed with hanging ribbon loops to be hung over the bath tap and dissolve as your bath fills.
Let the bath fill as the self-love tea bag dissolves while visualising pure love dissolving into every drop of water and as you step in imagine you are stepping into this love and become immersed in it! Relax and let it soak in ❤
Manifestation Tip: Match the vibration of what it is you desire so it naturally is attracted and resonates with you. Manifestation starts in the mind.
Happy manifesting your desires!

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