EQ vs IQ - Valentine's Day Post

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Thinking is praised and esteemed, and rightly so. We create degree’s of thinking, institutes and move technology and science forward, through the power of logic and thinking.


Emotional intelligence is not given as much attention, or exploration, or esteem, in fact we’re often encouraged to ignore our emotions, push them down and not take them seriously.

How we feel has a lot of valuable information and insight into who we really are, and our deepest, truest needs to thrive. And, our emotions/feelings are a direct link to our subconscious - the quietly dominant driver behind all our decisions. Emotions are also a door to our inner wisdom/intuition.

We take the attitude often of ‘grin and bear it’ - again a devaluation of our feminine side, whilst elevating our masculine side to disconnect and even disassociate and rely solely on logic. Resulting in us living on the surface and the longer we do this the scarier and foreign the deep seems, leading to more detachment and living externally rather than from an internal truth of who we are. Some would say, giving your power away, as we seek external validation and confirmation of reality - a false truth.

This would help to explain why we crave ‘love’ and romantic relationships or loving friendships so much, as in these high ‘feeling’ situations we get a glimpse of our subconscious. We feel more connected to ourselves and suddenly life has colour! We are now fully engaged with our feelings, our needs and our intuition.

Anyhoo, all that to say - I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day and let your feelings and happiness guide you not only your head, leading to a truly deeper experience that brings you closer to you 💜😘

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