The Path To Enlightenment Is Feminine

Posted by Alisia Smith on

The path to enlightenment and inner peace, and self-understanding is a journey through or too the Feminine/subconscious/our inner world aspects of ourselves. Even in religious baptisms water, the feminine element, is what initiates the devotee.

This journey to inner peace requires us to surrender, self-reflect, relax, and listen to our body and mind. These all fall under the spectrum of what is 'Feminine'.

I believe our true magic and enlightenment is tapped when we are connected to our inner world (our real world), who we really are in our own right, our true needs and desires - knowing what really makes us feel fulfilled, happy and joyful.

In our world I feel the general lack of recognition and honour for what is Feminine is probably at the root of so much unhappiness as we often look outward to 'find' peace. We take a Masculine approach, as we're conditioned to do so in a Man's world. And completely miss the abundance of magic that is within.

So, relax, reconnect, listen, maybe even light a candle, and tap into your magic! 💜

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